Design in the Wild – Participatory Designers meets community

One of the biggest highlights in the history of design in Namibia was the Participatory Design Conference held on the African continent for the first time. This was a long awaited event as it put Namibia and especially the Polytechnic of Namibia on the map with other researchers in participatory design. Gereon Koch Kapuire, Colin Stanley, Heike Winschiers-Theophilus, Shilumbe Chivuno-Kuria from the Polytechnic of Namibia, Kasper Rodil from Aalborg University and McAlbert Katjivirue from our local industry, organised a workshop as part of the conference. The title of the workshop was “Community-based co-design in Okomakuara. A contribution to design in the wild”. read more

Looking for Personas in Erindiroukambe

As technologists and computer scientists we are always  triggered to explore new ideas with our community members. The local research team from the Polytechnic of Namibia, Gereon Koch Kapuire, Colin Stanley and Heike Winschiers-Theophilus welcomed a new idea by Daniel G. Cabrero from the University of West London to explore personas. In October 2014, the local research team accompanied by Kasper Rodil from Aalborg University and Daniel visited Erindiroukambe. Colin and Daniel currently engaged with their  PhDs set the agenda for the sessions. Upon arrival to the site, Gereon introduced Daniel to the elders. It was the first time for Daniel to visit the research site.  read more

Persona Co-Creation in IK Herero Communities 

Based on the first trip towards Persona Co-Design undertaken on 20th, 21st and 22nd of October 2014, and with the learning experiences obtained from this, lecturer and facilitator Gereon Koch Kapuire (Polytechnic of Namibia), PhD candidate Daniel G. Cabrero (University of West London and current exchange-researcher at Polytechnic of Namibia), Professor Heike Winschiers-Theophilus (Polytechnic of Namibia and Cabrero’s external supervisor) and Doctor Jose Abdelnour-Nocera (University of West London and Cabrero’s main supervisor) held a video-conference where previously deployed methods were discussed and reflected on, and where a further trip was arranged for Kapuire and Cabrero to carry out a new series of persona co-design sessions in Otjinene, Erindiroukambe and Epukiro. read more


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