Historical Perspective

In 2008 we have established a long term collaborative research and development project with one rural community in Eastern Namibia.  We are concerned with the preservation of indigenous knowledge for current and further generations. Indigenous knowledge increasingly raises interest at national and global level, for its potential solutions to current challenges, such as in the health, agriculture and other sectors.Indigenous knowledge has been passed on over generations in oral, or performed manner as well as in form of artefacts. However urban migration has interrupted the generational knowledge transfer as the rural wise elders have no one to share the knowledge without around them.

We have co-developed a number of prototypes and mobile applications to support indigenous knowledge collection, representation and curation in conjunction with one pilot community in Omaheke. We have explored 3D visualisation as a means to contextualise videos and modelled content.  Prototype evaluations in the Omaheke region and in Opuwo have been successful in terms of intuitive interaction with the tablet version, usage of features and user feedback.  We are currently investigating the possibilities to crowd source further developments and local adaptations to ensure a wider distribution.

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