Effective audio and visual hints in a 3D based virtual environment
By Michael Chamunorwa (Honors in Progress)

michaelModernisation has brought with it many benefits to the world in the fields of science, technology and medicine. However, advances in these fields have resulted in the discarding of knowledge that already existed about these fields especially in third world countries. Youth in these countries have embraced the results of modernisation at the expense of their own cultures which possess unique and useful Indigenous Knowledge (IK), as a result, IK is getting lost. Strides have been made in academia and other fields to ensure that IK is preserved for consumption by future generations so that they remain in touch with their cultures. Since many youth are digitally literate, computer technology in the form of 3D virtual environments, has found its use in the preservation of IK. 3D virtual environments are used mainly because they allow the modelling and representation of objects and scenarios with astounding accuracy, thereby making it easy for users to relate to real world items.

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