Designing 3D Representations of Flora and the 24 Hour Clock Cycle in rural Namibia
By Donovan Maasz (Honours in progress)

donovanProjects aimed at the preservation of indigenous knowledge worldwide have attracted various interests from different parties. Based on these interests research has been initiated which lead to the understanding of cultural variations in perception, recognition and meaning making of digital representations. We acknowledge that the recognition of familiar objects depends on the various conceptualizations and significant factors that are being represented. Very few studies have ventured into the field to discover these “significant factors” for indigenous people. Therefore the purpose of this study is to determine the factors related to the 3D representation of trees and time, model it and test the recognition rate amongst indigenous people. Data for the design of the 3D models will be collected via a number of modified visually imaginative games that will be played with the indigenous people in Erindiroukambe and Ohandungwa.

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