Peter Gallert

PeterGallertPeter Gallert is a Wikimedia researcher. Indigenous communities' knowledge has to pass through a long series of transformations before Wikipedia accepts it.This is  thanks to the Identifying Reliable Sources (IRS) guideline which excludes the normal source of such knowledge: Take  for  example a village elder telling tales. What he narrates at the fire is being noted down, translated, selected,abstracted from,  commented on, edited and finally published---Why do we regard such endless game of Chinese Whispers as reliable while denying Read more>> here



Edwin Blake

Edwin Blake2Edwin Blake is a professor in Computer Science at the University of Cape Town. His work focuses on the relations of people to computers in the context of a developing country. His schooling and undergraduate education was obtained in South Africa and his PhD in Computer Science at Queen Mary College, London University. He was subsequently senior researcher Interactive Systems at the Centre for Mathematics and Computer Science (CWI) in the Netherlands. His main research focus has been ICT4D, User Experience in Games and VR. His research outputs range from reflections on policy issues to methods for Community-Based Co-Design Read more>> Here


Kasper Jensen

Kasper J2Dr. Kasper Løvborg Jensen is an entrepreneur, developer, consultant and HCI researcher focused on solutions to  real world problems for people through mobile technology. His work with indigenous communities and mobile  technology started during his tenure as deputy director/associate professor in the Department of Software  Engineering at the Polytechnic of Namibia where he was heading the Mobile Future Lab. Before moving to Africa  he worked as an assistant professor at Aalborg University, Denmark, where he also got his M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees,  and as a freelance mobile developer in Melbourne, Australia.  





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